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Super Hero Quiz


Are you a comic-book enthusiast and you’ll like to see how many super heroes you can recognize if tested? Well there’s no better way than playing a super hero quiz game or trying similar super heroes trivia games on your android device and see how many of them characters names you can guess.Here you’ll get a wide range of super heroes from classic ones like Super Man to the ones you find in Marvel.The game itself is not complicated, like any other quizzes for kids you’ll have 4 possible answers from which you’ll have to pick the one that is right, the corresponding name for the character on the right. Also in the game you’ll get to learn all kinds of awesome stuff about your favorite characters, every question has a hint and fact which describes the character in the image.Features:•FREE to play picture quiz•Awesome graphics•Time limit and point system•Awesome Fun facts about super heroes•A complete super hero squad with some of the most Popular superhero characters like in any Marvel quiz games, Captain America, Hulk, Spider-man, Thor and many more•Twitter integration, share your score and let your followers know how good you are at #SuperHeroQuiz